Basement waterproofing in North West England

Basement tanking

Waterproofing Systems – Basement, Balcony & Flat Roof Waterproofing in the North West

At Quickseal Special Projects Ltd, we are established installers of basement, balcony, interior, and flat roof waterproofing and drainage systems in Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, and across the North West. With decades of experience, our waterproofing experts can help you decide on the best waterproofing method for the structural capabilities of your property. There are different basement waterproofing and liquid roofing systems manufactured for every problem at hand and picking the right one for your project is crucial.

As Sika- and Triflex-approved installers, we’ve helped hundreds of private, commercial, and domestic clients across the North West. Whether you need basement waterproofing in Liverpool, balcony flooring waterproofing in Manchester, or a flat roof waterproofed elsewhere in the North West, we are here to help.

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    Type A: Tanking systems

    Tanking systems involve using waterproof cement to create a barrier between the walls and floor of your basement to hold back water from entering the space.

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    Type B: Integrated waterproofing

    Integrated waterproofing use reinforced concrete and a waterproofing feature to waterproof the property. This type of waterproofing is built into the building during construction.

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    Type C: Interior waterproofing systems

    Interior waterproofing systems combine waterproofing membranes, basement floor drainage and sump pumps to create an effective drainage system for a space.

Basement Waterproofing

The most common basement waterproofing system involves the installation of cavity drainage systems that use a system of wall membranes, drainage, and sump pumps to collect and remove water from your basement without the need to stop the leakage at the source or affecting the habitability of the space. For many of our customers across the North West, this is a popular basement waterproofing solution for conversions and basement flats. This type of waterproofing system will never allow any water pressure to build upon the property. The result is to leave a dry basement fit for any kind of conversion you desire.

The other type of interior basement waterproofing system is the cementitious-type system which stops ingressing water at the source and does away with the need for sumps and pumps or having to enter into service agreements with pump manufacturers.

Cavity drainage system
Liquid roofing

Liquid Roofing & Balcony Flooring Waterproofing

Liquid roofing involves combining liquid coatings and mesh membranes to create a waterproof system that protects the building. At Quickseal Special Projects we are well versed in installing liquid systems for flat roofs and balconies. We can provide specialist surveys, maintenance, and repair on your property.

Protect your basement, balcony, or flat roof from water ingress

Whether you need to waterproof a basement, balcony, or flat roof, the specialist team at Quickseal can help. We’re proud to help private, commercial, and residential clients in Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, and the North West. Get in touch for guaranteed, industry-leading waterproofing services at affordable prices today.

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